Keyword Targeting Ads – Facebook cooking something new?

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Imagine an offline billboard campaign… You define your audience demography precisely, and you identify their location, and then you place your billboard in that area, so that everyone moving around could see your ad multiple times a day. Initial days bring you good response from customers, but slowly it starts fading away.

Sometime I find Facebook ads similar to billboards, where you can reach targeted audience closely but you can’t target only hot leads. So you have to keep refreshing your billboard Facebook ad images in hope to keep your audience engaged (low quality attention), but the problem is you can’t identify hot leads from the entire targeted crowd.

This isn’t the best delivery, a decent ad network should offer.

The biggest difference between Google and Facebook is that Facebook doesn’t offer intent targeting feature (searched keyword based targeting), and Google does. And possibly that’s the reason behind Facebook looks cheaper when it comes to CPC. However if we measure in terms of $ spent v/s $ dollar earned, the real picture has more scenes to watch.

And I’m sure Facebook isn’t dumb enough to not notice this. So is there something cooking inside? What shall we expect to see next?

Keyword targeting

Where are the keywords btw? … Everything you and I posts on Facebook is keyword rich. Facebook receives lot of keyword rich data in two ways, 1) by User posts, and 2) by Facebook searches.

By identifying keywords in user posts & content, Facebook will be able to offer real time ad servings, with utmost relevancy to user, and will make more sense to advertisers.

Even there has been a case where Margarita Noriega, Social media director at tested if Facebook posts could be influenced via keyword inclusions, and results were positive. Check the case here. So the keyword theory exists, but may be in our context yet.

So what good will it do to advertisers?

  • Imagine a teenager posting his picture with status message “getting bore at home”, and Facebook could serve pizza ads, movie ads, game ads, or a ‘Discount Sale’ ad nearby.
  • Imagine a newly engaged girl updating status “In a relationship”, and Facebook could serve wedding planner ads, wedding clothing ads, honeymoon destination ads, or Free Night Calls offer ad from a Telco.
  • Imagine a guy posting a picture with status “Goa is such a fun,” and Facebook could serve him Cheap flights from Goa ads, or a local restaurant’s ad.

This increased relevancy with real time ad serving will boost the ROI for advertisers on Facebook. I mean for sure showing ad of a local Goa restaurant to this Guy is far more relevant, and make much more sense than showing him ads from an insurance agency, because it’s in his ‘Liked’ lists.

Even if we see closely it can also evolve as intent based targeting in future, just like how Google has evolved its search targeting algo.

If you have additional findings, please share in comments.

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