July 8, 2015

Our Story

Contentory was formed to change the way people think of online marketing. At Contentory we are passionate about inventing & reinventing THE CONTENT for online communication, for various brands we work with. “Please don’t read it articles, when we say content.”

Content is the only element that actually separates a successful digital brand from others. It doesn’t matter how much you talk, what matter is what you talk about? Do you speak worthy? Do people consider it of importance?

Have you heard of the story of a man digging a hole, and then burying it, and then repeating?

Someone asked him why he was doing what he was doing? He said.. don’t disturb I am busy. Man asked again… Any reason behind doing this? He replied, I am busy. He asked him again, But why you doing what you doing? He shouted, I am busy, go moron!!

This happens to most of us with our digital marketing as well. We just don’t stop & take time to ask ourselves, WHY?

We at Contentory ask ourselves WHY’s every day. And that’s the sole belief behind success of our execution at Contentory, and we love doing that every day.

We love creating wonderful content that your keep your glued, and spread your story. That’s why we call our self Contentory creator.

Let’s write your Contentory next? What do you say? .. uhh? .. Excuse me? .. Did you say something? Sorry, not getting you. May be network problem.. Can you please call us? Or, drop an email at CallMeBack@Contentory.in