Unboxing Speed-SEO (#SpeedSEO)

It makes me go nut when I still see agencies selling SEO services to clients with ROI commitment within 6-9 months, and clients happily accept to spend X amount on SEO service for 6-9 months, without expecting significant ROI.

Why any entrepreneur in his best sense will want to pay every month a huge chunk of money and not expecting to see any significant ROI till 6-9 months? Does that make any business sense? Even, I ask to agencies; is that a smartest way today to help a client grow his online revenue? Where online marketing & communication world is witnessing dramatic fundamental shift.

BusinessInsider report on interest & context of the content driven future of advertising, without personalization.

I know as an agency, you are afraid of committing the answer as, NO. Since it brings us bread & butter, but the truth is, that business conditions are changing very rapidly, and businesses are demanding quicker turnaround with digital marketing investments. So one way or other, SEO practice has to evolve with the changing demand, or perish adaptability.

In recent few years, there has been a significant rise in social media marketing investments by businesses because it seems more active & interactive medium to quickly connect with potential consumer, thus SEO losing its charm among the paycheck-signers.

So if your SEO agency is not changing with the evolving needs of today’s businesses, you are risking your business.

Unboxing Speed-SEO. Whoa!

Speed-SEO; I have given it this name since its really quick, legitimate and wonderful practicing, both for a client and for an online marketing agency. And let me tell you, this is no trick. It’s totally organic & safe way to boost your organic SEO ranking, and more importantly traffic.

“Entrepreneurs, Dump the SEO, and ask for #SpeedSEO.”

Good-free-long-term website traffic is critically important to any business? Globally businesses still find best conversion rate coming from organic traffic via search engines.


  • Because search engines send you solicited customers. (ie. “I want this.”)
  • Because incoming customers finds themselves in-control. (ie. “I decided on this.”)
  • Because incoming customer have invested heavy amount of time, researching. (ie. “I understand this.”), And,
  • Because you are being receptive, not bullish. (ie. “Can you take my order?”)


“Psychologically people coming searching for your products & services are better prepared & open to salesy conversation than those you chase.”

Now one common factor in all these points is that customers know you already.

Before s/he interacts with you, she has a small prior history of knowing your brand during her research, and has already invested a tiny amount of trust in your brand. We call it brand awareness (or, Brand recall).

How “Knowing Your Brand” Can Boost Your SEO Ranking?

In his article on MOZ, Rand Fishkin elaborated how brand building could actually impact your search engine rankings, indirectly & directly both. Let’s check few direct impacts to understand this well.

“We have to engage humans in order to make boats & algorithms work for us.”

A.   Social Indicator

It’s no secret that Google is heavily relying on social indicators to predict what content (subject/brand/product/information etc.) people are really liking, to rank the popular content well, driven by the theory (or, shall I say fact) that a popular content looks like more useful, thus hold better value to be prioritized and should reach more people searching for it.

A popular branded content on social media is probably going to gain more eyes ball, leading to more brand awareness, leading to more sharing, leading to more visitors, leading to more back links. Did you hear back link? Cool.

B.   Link Building

We all tend to buy from brands we know; instead of brands we are unaware of, and a BIG NO for website names such as, best-seo-agency-india.com. I mean, seriously… Any taker?

This exactly applies on consuming content as well. People would like to engage & share the content they really like, BUT people would love to engage, share & advocate the content they really like from the brands they know.

Genuine people, sharing, and talking, and mentioning you on social media, linking back to a wonderful piece of content on your website, creates real & 100% authentic back links for you, and generates huge popularity indicator for Google to consider.

It’s unbeatable against what an ordinary SEO agency could do.

C.   CTR

Have you ever Googled something and found several new websites, and one or two websites that you already knew from your past interactions with them?

As I mentioned above, people tend to buy from brands they already know. And in this case, people tend to click such SERP results first, before the unknowing ones, even if the known brand is ranking below 3-5 position.

Imagine if more and more people searching for the same thing with similar queries and find this brand there with other unknown brands, how will they react?

They all will do exactly the same, what you did. It’s human psychology to prioritize response to known things, sub-cautiously.

Every such behavior driven click to that particular SERP result, will increase its CTR (Click Through Rate ie. How many people clicked your link? V/s how many people searched for it?)

And, a brand with continuously better performing CTR, will slowly move upward.

So What Exactly To Do To Speed-SEO Your Website?

1.     First, Invest in producing wonderful sharable content that people like love.

Video, viral image, blog, articles, info-graphics etc. whatever your audience prefers, produce. And produce content which is in sync with current scenario, to make it sound applicable. Help your audience improve & live a better life personally or, professionally, and you’ll get a Share.

Remember we are talking about producing content, not articles only.

A one liner which inspires someone do more today is far better than 700-800 words article. (Sorry, mine is one. But I had to make a point. Haha…)

2.    Then, Campaign.

Design campaigns to boost social media conversation around your content. Design pay per click campaigns to boost your content reach, and support viral spread. Design email marketing campaign to generate the timely brand recall, since it all can actually boost talks about your brand, in online world.

I am sure you are one of the fans like me of Facebook’s “X People Talking About It” feature. It clearly indicates how digital world is humanizing. So we have to engage humans in order to make boats & algorithm work for us.

And by investing in promoting your shareable content & stories, if you can make people talk about you online, you will send strong signals to Google & other search engines that you have popular & relevant content on your subject that people might be Googling for.

In an upcoming article I shall be discussing about, how to gain consumer attention in this over producing digital world.

Conclusively #SpeedSEO is a methodology which involves both brand building by engaging the consumers in real time, and boosts your SEO results quicker. The results are astonishing since you get paid twice for investing once in content based brand awareness campaigning.

Share your thoughts on this with hashtag #SpeedSEO on twitter, or talk to me about effective #SpeedSEO implementation via Twitter @GauravPandey260. Would love to answer your questions.

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